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No one can do you better than you, so go out there into the world and shine like the diamond you are.

We help you renew your mindset and reject fear and confidence issues relating to social media, so you can confidently share your expertise.

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We’re an international movement dedicated to inspiring female entrepreneurs all over the world.
Turn fans into paying clients.
We empower you to step into your brilliance, so you can grow a community of raving fans and buyers.
We help you embrace your true calling, destiny, and purpose without fear of criticism, failure and judgment.
Receive the support and resources you’ve been craving with access to our global sisterhood of entrepreneurs.
Connect with us to take your business and brand to the next level.

“Janine is incredible! We had a private team training session live, it was so valuable we all took so much away from it.”

M. Kiely

“I started live broadcasting it's thanks to Janine Cummings. I implemented things she said and my 1st live broadcast and it hit over 1500 views!”

C. Kenneth

“Janine blew me away! I learnt sooooo much from her as so did my team!!! Highly recommend.”

L. Alterator

“Janine is truly amazing! My first coaching experience with her was through the #GoLiveIn5 Challenge. It was such a confidence boosting and empowering experience that I chose to continue with her as my coach.”

T. Whitfield

“Working with Janine is wonderful. She is patient, kind and really supportive no matter what stage of your journey in live streaming you are on. The tips and training she gives are great and I'm slowly building confidence as I go.”

S. Cooper

“Janine has given me so much valuable help and advice over the last 12-months. Twelve months ago, I hated being in front of the camera, now I am confident in my message, my mission and what I want to achieve with livestreaming thanks to Janine. She is a true professional with a heart to serve and empower others with her unwavering support and value she offers.”

D. Blechner

“I followed some of Janine's amazing social media tips and noticed the difference immediately! She rocks!”

Y. Mcclain

“I had a fantastic learning experience with Janine. She was thorough extremely professional and a great encourager. She really encouraged me during my #GoLiveIn5 Challenge. If you are looking for a great support system and a fantastic community of women, then I would encourage you to join.”

J. Allen

“Blown away by Janine and her incredible training. Both my team and I gained so much from your private training session, I can't thank you enough. ”

M. Hunter

“Janine Cummings is the best go-to for strategies on being successful in business, social media, and leadership. Highly recommended!”

P. Tankard

Are you ready to confidently share your message with the world?