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We help you renew your mindset and reject fear and confidence issues relating to social media, so you can confidently share your expertise.


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Boss It Live in an international company dedicated to inspiring and coaching female entrepreneurs worldwide.

Global sisterhood of entrepreneurs

Receive professional support and access to a library of training and resources incorporating the very best strategies for your business growth.

Turn fans into paying clients.

Learn how to effectively target your market on social media and convert followers into buying customers.

Step into your brilliance

We empower our clients to step into their brilliance, using live video with greater clarity and confidence so they can grow a tribe of loyal fans and customers.

Еmbrace your true calling

We provide a supportive hub and community online, where you will be able to access a global sisterhood of entrepreneurs to network and collaborate with.

Take your business to the next level.

Connect with us to take your business and brand to the next level.

you are what you do, daily

No one can do you better that you so continued to build your influence, create an impact, one live video at a time.

Boss It Live™ has been created to support Coaches, Consultants and Creative Entrepreneurs in the learning and implementation of social media and digital marketing strategies for business.

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