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Boss It Live®️ was created to empower women to own they voice and their story in the digital space through their gifts and their talents.

It is the sound that creates a ripple effect of great change. We create a network of female entrepreneurs who speak louder in the digital space, so that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to build their influence and create an impact for their own businesses and brand. Our online courses, workshops, coaching programs and events are designed to create world class entrepreneurs and go-getters who take their vision out to the masses and in-turn will affect greater change through our services.


Boss It Live®️ is committed to empowering women.

Boss It Live™ is committed to empowering women to remember their gift of freedom to create and express who they are unapologetically and authentically in a digital world that requires female entrepreneurs to speak louder, prouder and more powerfully. At Boss It Live™ we believe that our clients have the power to not only change a life but to save a life. We stand for the continued efforts to mobilise our clients in actively pursuing their business goals and objectives. We believe in supporting the narrative of empowering change through the power of your story. We want our clients to be motivated to not only meet reach their goals but expand further by confidently sharing their gifts and talents in the digital space to greater effect change.

Meet Janine Cummings


Janine is
<mark>an Author</mark>

She is passionate about coaching and empowering Business Owners, Creatives and Entrepreneurs in building a strong and cohesive marketing strategy on social media through the power of live video.

Janine also has a combined following across social media of over 50K, is a known leader in the live video space and has built an international client base since starting her business in 2017.

Janine teaches Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs how to strengthen their messaging and marketing through 1-2-1 Coaching, Online Courses, Memberships and the Boss It Live Coaching Academy 3-Month Program. Janine helps her clients build a loyal community of followers who convert into paid customers by teaching practical and actionable steps for implementation, growth and success.

Janine is passionate about helping others share their message through live video and believes that live video content has the capability to change people’s lives.


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