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Here is the place for amazing Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants just like you, to develop social media marketing strategies which will result in greater visibility and sales for your business, products and services online.

Specialising in video marketing to help drive traffic and sales to your business, particularly with the focus on using live video strategies and digital marketing. We teach you:

How to build and scale your influence.

Gain more leads for your business.

Drive traffic and sales through effective social media marketing strategies.

How to confidently present your expertise and offers using live video.

Strategies on how to build a profitable business in the digital space.

Create a live video marketing framework, specifically focussed on building audience engagement and interaction on your social media content.

Develop a blueprint for success with live video strategy and digital marketing to in-crease sales.

Here is where you find a number of training tools, resources and courses to help you build your influence and create a greater impact on social media that will drive consistent results for your business.

Strategically Building Influential Leaders In The Digital Space.

1:1 Coaching Services

The 1:1 Coaching 90 Day Coaching Programs are designed to give you the business strategy and support you need, in developing your messaging and marketing on social media to build, develop and increase your client portfolio and gain more sales for your business.

Britt Knight - Case Study

Britney Knight, the Founder of Britt K Beauty is a Content Creator and Educator who uses Social Media as a method of teaching beauty to those who are beginning in make up as well as teaching Creatives and Indie Brand Owners how to brand themselves.

For anyone considering working with Janine, I would say don’t hesitate. If you’re looking for clarity, growth, and someone who is truly in your corner you will not find better. I can truly say that Janine is my Coach, but in our time working together she has also become my friend and a confidant.

It's time for you to glow.

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