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Choose Your Program

Our training programs are tailored to hold your hand at each stage of your livestreaming journey. Once you decide on the program that fits your current level, complete your membership by enrolling. Move through the programs at your own pace.

Access Mastermind Group

After you enroll in a training program, we send you a special link via email to access our exclusive Mastermind group on Facebook, where you can find an accountability partner and collaborate directly with other women.

Keep Growing

As you progress through the different stages of the program, you'll unlock special perks and privileges that are included with your membership.

01. Boss Starter

Are you new to live video, but lack the confidence or know-how to go live with authority? We’ll take you through the foundational level of using live video in a fun and simplistic way, and equip you with the tools to go live like a BOSS.

Join the boss starter $57/MO

02. Boss Classic

Are you already confident using live video, but want to build a community of buyers? This program will give you the secret sauce to building a strong online presence and give you the strategy to BOSS your livestreams.

Join the boss classic $57/MO

03. Boss Premium

Do you already understand the key fundamentals of live video and are BOSSing it on your platforms? This program is perfect to those who are ready for advanced strategies like tribe building and attraction marketing.

Join the boss premium $57/MO

Why should I join the Mastermind?

You know you want to take action, but you don’t quite know how, or have the support to move you forward. We know how overwhelming and lonely it feels muddling through unfamiliar territory trying to figure it out on your own.

This is where we come in.

Upon enrolling, you receive access to an entire community cheering you on as you move through your programs and to your next level of greatness. Our private collaborative Facebook group is where you can bounce ideas around with other entrepreneurial-minded women.

Never feel alone again.

Our Boss Queens Get Results

“Janine has built so much confidence in me. She has directed me in a way that no-one could possibly have done, and has guided me throughout the process through her coaching. If you want help to get started with live streaming, join Boss It Live. I'm excited for all the live streams I will do in the future.”

C. Chitewe

“Since joining Boss It Live, I have managed to gain insightful teachings with Janine Cummings, and have a supportive community behind me to practise and nurture how to live stream better to connect with my ideal client. I made my investment back within the first month with my show on #BOSSITLIVE TV.”

C. Barrett

“Janine shares things that, when implemented, can bring great results rather quickly. I appreciate working with Janine because she has the knowledge, she gets right to the point and she's a whole lot of fun too!”

L. Harrell

“Janine Cummings is a top-notch expert and will help you quickly expand your visibility and reach on social media utilizing live video. Her tips are easy to understand and implement in your business. I highly recommend her content if you're interested in generating online sales from the comfort of your home.”

J. Corbitt

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Mastermind different from the Free Tribe on Facebook? The Mastermind offers you access to our three signature training programs BOSS Starter, BOSS Classic and BOSS Premium programs, exclusive training from social media expert and founder Janine Cummings, monthly industry expert training, monthly mastermind group accountability meetings, PDF resources plus more.
Is this membership right for me? If you are serious about learning how to effectively and strategically use live video to grow your business and influence, then yes. If you are not serious about learning and implementing effective strategies to grow your business and influence, then no this is not for you.
Can I choose which program I want to start on or do I have to start at the BOSS Starter program? You can choose any of the programs to start on based on your confidence level and skillset. However, we do advise you to start at the BOSS Starter program and advance through all stages of the three programs so that you get the most out of the training.
What’s the process for canceling my membership? You can cancel your membership at any time. There is no minimum notice period. Log into your Academy account and cancel from your membership dashboard.
I’m not very confident in using live video or social media in general. Is this right for me? Absolutely. The membership programs have been designed to take you through the key stages of using live video and developing an effective social media marketing strategy from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced.
Am I allowed to enroll in more than one program at a time? No. You can only enroll in one program at a time for your monthly membership of $57. If you wanted to enroll in more than one program, this would require you to sign up for a new membership, which would cost you another monthly fee of $57.
Do you issue refunds? No, there is no refund in the event that you cancel your membership or if Boss It Live cancels your membership. (Boss It Live only cancels a membership if the member is in breach of the Code of Conduct or Terms and Conditions).
How will I access the content of each program? You can access the content of each program via your member dashboard. The course content for each program is dripped out each week over a 30-day period.
Does this membership include 1:1 Coaching? No, this doesn’t not include 1:1 coaching. Coaching packages are available under Coaching.

Are you ready to become a Boss Queen?